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Analyst predicts a bitcoin rebound by 2019 | CNBC - Latest Video - 14:50
Jury still out on importance of cryptocurrencies | IOL - Markets - South Africa - 14:41
Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Prices Tumble Before the Weekend | - News - 14:40
Bitcoin Is Not Dead and Could Reach $100,000 | Money Morning - 14:21
Avira Selects BitPay for Bitcoin and #Bitcoin Cash Payments Processing | - 14:12
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Analyst predicts a bitcoin rebound by 2019
 CNBC - Latest Video
 - 14:50
     10 to 15 minutes old 
Jury still out on importance of cryptocurrencies
 IOL - Markets - South Africa
 - 14:41
Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Prices Tumble Before the Weekend - News
 - 14:40
     30 minutes to 1 hour old 
Bitcoin Is Not Dead and Could Reach $100,000
 Money Morning
 - 14:21
Avira Selects BitPay for Bitcoin and #Bitcoin Cash Payments Processing
 - 14:12
U.S. Realtor to Auction $44 Million Renaissance Mansion for Bitcoin
 - 14:00
     1 to 2 hours old 
Bitcoin Conspiracy, Time Travel and Aliens… oh my!
 TechnoBuffalo - Business
 - 13:51
Cryptocurrencies fall after Japan's regulator censures exchanges
 Fin24 - Companies
 - 13:40
CRYPTO INSIDER: Markets dive towards their lowest levels of the year
 Business Insider India - India Insider
 - 13:32
CRYPTO INSIDER: Markets dive towards their lowest levels of the year
 Business Insider - Finance
 - 13:27
DDoS-Happy ‘Bitcoin Baron’ Sentenced to Almost 2 Years in Jail
 - 13:21
CRYPTO INSIDER: Markets dive towards their lowest levels of the year
 Business Insider UK - Finance
 - 13:20
Mt. Gox Creditors May Be Reimbursed in Bitcoin Under Civil Rehabilitation
 Nasdaq - Global Markets
 - 13:16
EOS Ranked 1st, Bitcoin 17th in China’s Updated Crypto Ratings
 - 13:10
Bitcoin is tanking hard, taking every other coin along for the ride
 - 13:05
Bitcoin is melting as bad news piles up
 Quartz - Latest Stories
 - 13:00
Mt. Gox Creditors Get New Avenue for Recovering Bitcoin Losses
 Bloomberg - Markets
 - 12:59
     2 to 4 hours old 
Mt. Gox Creditors May Be Reimbursed in Bitcoin Under Civil Rehabilitation
 Bitcoin Magazine
 - 12:41
Bitcoin Cash Football: Multiplayer World Cup App Powered By BCH - News
 - 12:39
Bitcoin kicked lower. Trades above and below the June low and longs are hoping it stays there.
 - 12:30
MtGox Creditors Find New Hope As Court Halts Bankruptcy, Approves Rehab
 Finance Magnates
 - 12:21
St. Louis Fed Adds Cryptocurrency Prices to FRED Database
 24/7 Wall St.
 - 12:04
Bitcoin threatens to fall below $6,000 as security flaws continue to dog industry
 MarketWatch - Markets
 - 11:19
Bitcoin prices slide amid regulatory crackdown
 - 11:09
Ripple CEO Urges Coinbase to List XRP
 - 11:09
Mt. Gox Crypto Exchange Begins Civil Rehabilitation Proceedings, Ends Bitcoin Sell-Offs
 - 11:02
7 Huge Hacks That Might Make You Think Twice About Cryptocurrency
 PC Magazine
 - 10:59
     4 to 6 hours old 
Bitcoin Technical Analysis: BTC/USD plummets 10%, as prices breaks out to the downside from rising wedge pattern
 - 10:50
Taiwan arrests eight Bitcoin traders on suspicion of fraud
 Focus Taiwan - Tech
 - 10:42
Can Bitcoin (BTC) Hold $6,000 Support?
 CryptoDaily - RSS Feed
 - 10:39
US Federal Reserve Launches Cryptocurrency Index - News
 - 10:38
Bitcoin approaches year low as Japan cracks down on venues
 The Globe and Mail
 - 10:30
Mt Gox to Enter Civil Rehabilitation in Major Win for Creditors
 - 10:29
Bitcoin is getting smoked as the crypto market eyes its lowest level of the year
 Business Insider India - India Insider
 - 10:21
Chinese Police Arrest Bitcoin Miner Who ‘Stole’ 150 MW of Electricity
 - 10:11
Bitcoin is getting smoked as the crypto market eyes its lowest level of the year
 Business Insider UK - Finance
 - 10:08
Bitcoin is getting smoked as the crypto market eyes its lowest level of the year
 Business Insider - Finance
 - 10:07
Bitcoin is getting smoked as the crypto market eyes its lowest level of the year
 Business Insider Australia - Money Markets
 - 10:01
Best cloud mining providers of 2018
 TechRadar Pro - Insights
 - 09:56
Bitcoin breaks the June low to touch worst since February
 - 09:49
Bitcoin VC: Beware of 'meme-based' cryptocurrencies
 Yahoo! US - Exclusives
 - 09:29
Mt. Gox Creditors’ Legal Victory: “Enormous Assets” to be Returned - News
 - 09:28
#BlockchainStocks and #CryptocurrencyStocks; (CSE: $BAXS.C; TSX:DELX.V, $COBC.V, $LIVE.V) added to Investor Ideas
 - 09:22
Blockchain Popularity Continues to Drive Interest in the Cryptocurrency Markets
 PR Newswire (Press Release) - Consumer Products & Retail
 - 09:18
BREAKING: Mt. Gox ‘Bitcoin Whale’ Trustee Won’t Sell Any More BTC
 - 09:08
5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Crashing Right Now
 Cryptovest - News
 - 09:08
Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD sustains overarching declines as India’s upcoming ban sends chills across the market
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 09:00
Anthony Di Iorio Predicts China Will Produce The Next Crypto Winner
 Cryptovest - News
 - 08:58
     6 to 8 hours old 
Bitcoin Group SE holds Annual General Meeting
 - 08:50
Taiwan’s Financial Regulator to Conduct Limited Oversight of Cryptocurrencies - News
 - 08:37
Inside the mysterious Bitcoin hash that shook up the cryptocurrency community
 The Next Web
 - 08:19
‘Money Has Changed Over Time’: US Supreme Court Cites Bitcoin in Positive Light
 - 08:08
Bitcoin Could Still Reach $100,000, Fast
 CryptoDaily - RSS Feed
 - 08:07
Bitcoin Daily Chart Alert - Bears Remain In Technical Control - June 22
 Kitco - News Bites
 - 07:58
Bitcoin tumbles after Japan watchdog orders exchanges to review business practices
 - 07:46
Bitcoin Daily: Bitfi’s ‘Unhackable’ Wallet, Net1’s Blockchain Debit Card
 - 07:17
CV Market Watch™: Weekly Trading Overview (15-22 June)
 Cryptovest - News
 - 07:17
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Japan Penalizes Crypto Exchanges – Yakuza Involvement Confirmed - News
 - 06:46
Bitcoin Eyes Bear Revival After Key Support Breached
 - 06:28
Chinese Police Seize 200 Bitcoin, Ethereum Mining Rigs Over Electricity Theft
 - 06:28
Cryptocurrencies fall after Japan’s regulator censures exchanges
 The Star Online - Business News
 - 06:18
Bitcoin bubble continues to burst
 IOL - Business
 - 06:09
India and Ireland spooked crypto market, sending coins into tailspin, Bitcoin shed 5% in a matter of hours
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 06:08
BitFlyer Halts New Account Signups As Regulators Demand Improvements
 - 06:08
Only a Third of the Richest Informed on Bitcoin - News
 - 05:56
Cryptocurrencies Fall After Japan's Regulator Censures Exchanges
 - 05:37
Bitcoin (BTC) Down 4%, Crypto Markets Lose $10 Billion In an Hour
 Ethereum World News
 - 05:18
3 Key Errors in the BIS Report on Bitcoin
 - 05:14
Bitcoin Will Inspire The Next Gutenberg Moment
 CryptoDaily - RSS Feed
 - 05:04
Cloudsight adds Bitcoin Lightning payment to allow instant AI-to-AI transactions
 - 04:57
Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD plummets mercilessly into another double bottom pattern; An American research institute claims Bitcoin is mature and less volatile
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 04:38
Japan’s Biggest Bitcoin Exchange Halts New Business
 The Wall Street Journal - Today's Paper - Asia
 - 04:28
$17 Billion Deleted From Cryptocurrency Market in 24 Hours as Ethereum Falls 7%
 - 04:27
Dealer celebrates two sales using Bitcoin, and urges more dealers to follow
 Car Dealer Magazine
 - 04:26
Heavy Downward Momentum Set To Project Markets Through The Weekend, Bitcoin, Ripple And Litecoin Fall
 CryptoDaily - RSS Feed
 - 04:14
PlayChip ICO Wins ‘Draper Hero’s Choice Award’ at San Francisco Blockchain Economic Forum
 - 04:07
Bitcoin in Brief: Plagiary, Numerology, and Nano Does a No-No - News
 - 04:06
Chinese crypto-mining operator busted fiddling power bill - media
 Reuters - Industry, Materials & Utilities
 - 03:35
Bitcoin/Dollar Levels: The downside prevails as long as 6838 is resistance
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 03:18
Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD bulls blocked by Andrew's pitchfork as US officials call for vigilance while dealing with cryptos
 - 03:08
Bithumb, Coinrail Hacks Didn’t Tank Bitcoin Like Many Thought They Would; We Explain Why
 Cryptovest - News
 - 02:26
Still Bullish on Bitcoin Despite Bithumb Hack: Brian Kelly and Charlie Lee Weigh In
 - 02:07
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Is That a Wedge Breakout?
 Ethereum World News
 - 00:56
eToro Market Research: EOS
 - 00:06
Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD under pressure, but Fundstrat's experts believe the worst is over
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 23:57 21-Jun-18
Irish Bitcoin Broker Claims Country’s Banks Are Closing Crypto-Related Accounts
 - 23:50 21-Jun-18
Gov't to Whack 10% Tax on Bitcoin Earnings
 The Chosun Ilbo - Business
 - 23:45 21-Jun-18
Investigation Underway: Korean Government Seeks Cause of Crypto Hacks - News
 - 23:14 21-Jun-18
Hut 8 Appoints Jimmy Vaiopoulos as Chief Financial Officer
 Marine Log
 - 23:04 21-Jun-18
Crypto Exchange Hacks: Why Do They Keep Happening and How Can You Protect Your Coins?
 - 22:06 21-Jun-18
At Least $20 Billion in Crypto Investment Awaits Custody Streamlining, Approval - News
 - 21:13 21-Jun-18
The US Supreme Court just spoke about a bitcoin future for the first time
 Business Insider Australia - Tech
 - 21:07 21-Jun-18
Bithumb Hack ‘Doesn’t Really Change the Fundamentals of Bitcoin’: Charlie Lee
 - 21:04 21-Jun-18
Venezuela: Record Bitcoin Buying Spree Continues Amid Hyperinflation
 - 20:06 21-Jun-18
Edge mobile wallet adds Ripple & Monero
 Brave New Coin
 - 19:46 21-Jun-18
Bitcoin Watch – Goldman Sachs CEO: It’s too ‘arrogant’ to say Bitcoin won’t have a future
 Blue Swan Daily
 - 19:36 21-Jun-18
License Needed for Crypto Trading, Circulation, and Settlement in Cambodia - News
 - 19:12 21-Jun-18
Crypto update: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, and Cardano drop lower
 The Motley Fool (Australia)
 - 18:45 21-Jun-18
Is Blockchain Hype Good For Bitcoin?
 Seeking Alpha - Macro View
 - 18:41 21-Jun-18
21e800: Bitcoin, Satoshi and the Mystery Twitter Is Obsessing Over
 - 18:26 21-Jun-18
Bitcoin Price Analysis: Shaky Support Gives Way to Massive Bear Flag Set-up
 Nasdaq - Global Markets
 - 18:08 21-Jun-18
TravelBlock – Providing Direct and Affordable Connection Between Travelers and Providers with Blockchain
 - 18:05 21-Jun-18
'Bitcoin Baron' Gets 20 Months in Prison for DDoS Attack That 'Crippled' Emergency Communications
 Gizmodo UK
 - 18:03 21-Jun-18
Forget bitcoin. The US government is building a better nickel
 - 17:54 21-Jun-18
Asset Management Firm Launches Chinese Blockchain ETF
 Bitcoin Magazine
 - 17:44 21-Jun-18
Irish Bitcoin Brokers Accuse Local Banks of Cryptocurrency-based Discrimination
 Ethereum World News
 - 17:24 21-Jun-18
Bitcoin Makes Historic First Appearance In US Supreme Court Opinion
 - 17:24 21-Jun-18
Forget bitcoin. The US government is building a better nickel
 CNET - Sci-Tech
 - 17:24 21-Jun-18
Bitcoin Price Analysis: Shaky Support Gives Way to Massive Bear Flag Set-up
 Bitcoin Magazine
 - 17:24 21-Jun-18
Craig Wright Referenced as Satoshi in Chinese University Textbook - News
 - 17:11 21-Jun-18
Today’s Big Problem with Cryptocurrency Adoption
 Hacker Noon
 - 17:03 21-Jun-18
Chandigarh: UT Police fails to get custody of four Bitcoin scam accused
 Indian Express - Cities
 - 16:45 21-Jun-18
Ethereum Billionaire Looks to China for Next Big Crypto Winners
 Bloomberg - Markets
 - 16:41 21-Jun-18
Cardano (ADA) Technical Analysis: Relying On Bitcoin (BTC) For An Early Bullish Reversal
 Cryptovest - News
 - 16:41 21-Jun-18
Bitcoin Traders in Ireland Accuse Banks of ‘Cryptocurrency Profiling’
 - 16:05 21-Jun-18
Hut 8 Appoints Jimmy Vaiopoulos as Chief Financial Officer
 - 16:01 21-Jun-18
Why Is Bitcoin So Bro-y?
 Refinery29 - Work & Money
 - 15:53 21-Jun-18
Trend Analysis Suggests Bitcon’s Bad Year Is About to Get Worse
 Bloomberg - Markets
 - 15:51 21-Jun-18
Ethereum (ETH) Needs Raiden Network (RDN) For Mainstream Adoption
 CryptoDaily - RSS Feed
 - 15:39 21-Jun-18
Crypto Exchanges, Payment and Wallet Firms Join EU Police to Fight Privacy - News
 - 15:20 21-Jun-18
There has been an ‘uptick in criminal and terrorist exploitation’ using virtual currencies, says House committee
 - 15:13 21-Jun-18 Launches for Fastest and Easiest Purchasing of Cryptocurrency
 PR Newswire (Press Release) - Consumer Technology
 - 15:11 21-Jun-18
Ripple CEO: 3 reasons XRP token is not a security
 Yahoo! US - Exclusives
 - 14:43 21-Jun-18
Here’s The Conspiracy Tearing Bitcoin Crypto Communities Apart
 - 14:40 21-Jun-18
Bitcoin Outperforms Pantera Capital’s Diversified Cryptocurrency Fund
 - 14:05 21-Jun-18
How bitcoin can disrupt marketplaces like eBay and Etsy
 Yahoo! US - Exclusives
 - 13:43 21-Jun-18
Bitcoin Businesses Denied Banking Services in Ireland - News
 - 13:20 21-Jun-18
Things You Need To Know If You Want To Invest In Bitcoin Now
 The Market Oracle - Currency Market Analysis
 - 13:11 21-Jun-18
Bitcoin lower but remains above the 100/200 hour MAs
 - 13:02 21-Jun-18
Bitcoin Performed Better than Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds, Says Pantera CEO
 Ethereum World News
 - 12:53 21-Jun-18
Bitcoin Makes Historic First Appearance in US Supreme Court Opinion
 - 12:42 21-Jun-18
Dismissing Bitcoin Would be “Arrogant,” Says Goldman Sachs CEO
 Cryptovest - News
 - 12:31 21-Jun-18
Bitcoin Just Got a Shoutout in a New US Supreme Court Opinion
 - 12:25 21-Jun-18
Elon Musk Twitter Hoax Claims Users Can Pay for Teslas With Bitcoin
 New York Observer - Technology
 - 12:08 21-Jun-18
Stellar Buys Chain For ‘$500M’ — But Insider Trading Suspicions Remain
 - 12:04 21-Jun-18
Goldman Sachs CEO: It’s ‘Arrogant’ to Think Cryptocurrency Won’t be Successful
 - 12:02 21-Jun-18
Amsterdam Airport Introduces Bitcoin ATM to Increase Cryptocurrency Adoption
 - 12:00 21-Jun-18
U.S. Crypto Website Coinbase Drowns in SEC Complaints
 Newsweek - Tech & Science
 - 11:27 21-Jun-18
Why the Cryptosphere Is Losing Its Mind Over This 18-Digit Number - News
 - 11:20 21-Jun-18
AUFC first to accept Bitcoin Cash
 Ayr United - Official Site - News
 - 11:03 21-Jun-18
Coinage CEO wants the cryptocurrency market to move beyond Bitcoin
 - 11:03 21-Jun-18
SONM vs Bitcoin down to support
 FXstreet - Latest Analysis
 - 10:42 21-Jun-18
Is Bitcoin the future, or an echo of a failed past?
 Toronto Star - Technology
 - 10:31 21-Jun-18
NEO vs Bitcoin approaching decision point
 FXstreet - Latest Analysis
 - 10:22 21-Jun-18
Amid Hacks, Bitcoin Is Still Not Ready For Primetime
 - 10:20 21-Jun-18
The best mining software in 2018
 TechRadar - Computing
 - 10:16 21-Jun-18
Bobby Lee, ‘BTC Maximalist’: Bitcoin’s Value Is in the Eye of the Beholder
 - 10:07 21-Jun-18
Dismissing Bitcoin is ‘Too Arrogant,’ Says Goldman Sachs’ CEO
 - 10:04 21-Jun-18
This crazy cryptocurrency has only “one coin to rule them all”
 The Next Web
 - 09:56 21-Jun-18
Skeptics don’t understand why Bitcoin was create...
 Crypto Insider
 - 09:42 21-Jun-18
A Hands On Review of the New Card-Shaped Hardware Device Coolwallet S - News
 - 09:19 21-Jun-18
NCash VS Bitcoin short term uptrend
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 09:11 21-Jun-18
Most People Are Dead Wrong About Bitcoin and Criminals
 - 09:08 21-Jun-18
Gotta HODL ‘Em All – Bitcoin Powers New Pokémon Game
 CryptoDaily - RSS Feed
 - 09:01 21-Jun-18
Hut 8 Adds 16 BlockBox Data Centers, Doubles Bitcoin Mining Capacity
 - 08:59 21-Jun-18
Can bitcoin be used for campaign contributions?
 The Sacramento Bee, California - Capitol Alert
 - 08:55 21-Jun-18
Why Bitcoin Has Nowhere to Go but Down
 The Motley Fool (Canada)
 - 08:51 21-Jun-18
Bitcoin at ‘important inflection point’ as it attempts to break out of downtrend
 - 08:50 21-Jun-18
Agrello VS Bitcoin still trending down
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 08:41 21-Jun-18
Bitcoin Technical Analysis: BTC/USD price action remains dictated by rising wedge pattern, bulls still have chance for upside, before another drop south
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 08:41 21-Jun-18
You can now exchange leftover euros for cryptocurrencies at Schipol Airport
 Finextra - Virtual Currency
 - 08:20 21-Jun-18
How Long Before Bitcoin Spreads into Online Bingo
 The Standard - Business
 - 08:10 21-Jun-18
AI Startup CloudSight Announces Support for Bitcoin Lightning Network Payments
 - 08:07 21-Jun-18
Bithumb Hack: Exchange Confirms It Will Reimburse All Users
 - 08:04 21-Jun-18
Bitcoin Daily Chart Alert - Bearish Chart Pattern Re-Emerges - June 21
 Kitco - News Bites
 - 07:59 21-Jun-18
Bitcoin Daily: SEC Freezes Assets Of PlexCoin Co-Founder, Amsterdam Airport Rolls Out Bitcoin ATM
 - 07:19 21-Jun-18
The Daily: Akon Launches Akoin, ICO Mogul Buys $19M Land with Bitcoin - News
 - 07:19 21-Jun-18
Keplertek’s Extra Sale Now Live: Don’t Miss the Event of the Year!
 - 07:04 21-Jun-18
Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD bullish flag pattern heads into a breakout; the only way is up for now
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 07:00 21-Jun-18
Amsterdam's Airport Lets Travelers Swap Leftover Euros for Cryptos
 - 06:24 21-Jun-18
$6,800 Ceiling? New Resistance Capping Bitcoin's Corrective Rally
 - 06:24 21-Jun-18
London Motor Company completes second Bitcoin vehicle sale
 Motor Trader
 - 06:18 21-Jun-18
Making Sense of Bitcoin: Where is the Price Headed?
 - 06:09 21-Jun-18
Pokétoshi: Bitcoin Lightning Network Powers New Pokemon Game
 - 06:04 21-Jun-18
Bitcoin price analysis: it's hit o miss moment for BTC/USD
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 06:00 21-Jun-18
Blockchain Visionary Earns Millions With “BlockBox”
 - 05:58 21-Jun-18
What It’s Like When Google Uses Your Picture Under Results for “Bitcoin Bro” and “Crying Liberal”
 Slate - Technology
 - 05:57 21-Jun-18
Amsterdam’s Airport Helps Travelers Swap Leftover Euros for Bitcoin, Ethereum
 - 05:49 21-Jun-18
You can now exchange leftover euros for cryptocurrencies at Schipol Airpot
 Finextra - Virtual Currency
 - 05:29 21-Jun-18
Markets Shoot Up In Time For The Weekend, Bitcoin, Ethereum And Ripple Up
 CryptoDaily - RSS Feed
 - 05:09 21-Jun-18
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference France
 Social Media Portal (SMP) - Press Releases
 - 05:09 21-Jun-18
Cryptocurrency hacks: The biggest breaches in bitcoin history
 - 04:59 21-Jun-18
Square Becomes the Seventh Cryptocurrency Business to Receive BitLicense
 - 04:58 21-Jun-18
Cryptocurrency: a force for good?
 Raconteur - Home
 - 04:44 21-Jun-18
IOSToken (IOST), Ethereum Classic (ETC) and NANO are Top Performers In The Last 24 Hours
 Ethereum World News
 - 04:39 21-Jun-18
Top five cryptocurrency myths
 Raconteur - Finance
 - 04:27 21-Jun-18
BTC/USD Bear Flag in Bearish ChannelAims at 5k
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 04:19 21-Jun-18
US House Members Have to Disclose their Cryptocurrency Holdings
 Cryptovest - News
 - 04:18 21-Jun-18
Medicine Adherence Data Will Transform Healthcare Provision Worldwide
 - 04:03 21-Jun-18
Bitcoin/Dollar levels: As long as 6580 is support look for 7214
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 03:59 21-Jun-18
Bitcoin Recovers Above $6,700 Following Bithumb Attack
 Al Bawaba - Business
 - 03:40 21-Jun-18
Akon to take on Bitcoin with his own cryptocurrency for a meaningful cause
 IBTimes (India) - Entertainment
 - 03:18 21-Jun-18
Robinhood Reportedly Considering Formal Banking Services - News
 - 03:08 21-Jun-18
Lightning Network-Powered Pokemon Game Displays Ease of Processing Bitcoin Payments
 - 02:57 21-Jun-18
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Slow and Steady Climb
 Ethereum World News
 - 02:38 21-Jun-18
Bitcoin Price Rebounds to $6,700, Market Adds $8 Billion in Recovery Bithumb Hack
 - 02:28 21-Jun-18
Bitcoin and PayPal Shake Bank Stocks, According to Jim Cramer
 - 02:03 21-Jun-18
Bithumb Hack Does Not Change Bitcoin Fundamentals, Says Litecoin Founder Charlie Lee
 - 00:06 21-Jun-18
Akon Launches Akoin to Be ‘Savior of Africa’
 - 00:03 21-Jun-18
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Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD gains 2.5% on daily basis as Goldman expands its list of crypto instruments
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 23:48 20-Jun-18
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