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Owning Your Own 0% House Edge Casino Is as Easy as 1-2-3 | - 23:55 21-Apr-18
Coinbase Leaves CheapAir Hanging | - 23:25 21-Apr-18
Wikileaks Calls for Global Blockade of Coinbase After Its Shop Was Blocked | - News - 23:04 21-Apr-18
Bitcoin price briefly breaks through $9,000 | Digital Journal - Technology - 22:55 21-Apr-18
WikiLeaks loses access to a key cryptocurrency account | Engadget - 22:04 21-Apr-18
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Owning Your Own 0% House Edge Casino Is as Easy as 1-2-3
 - 23:55 21-Apr-18
     30 minutes to 1 hour old 
Coinbase Leaves CheapAir Hanging
 - 23:25 21-Apr-18
     1 to 2 hours old 
Wikileaks Calls for Global Blockade of Coinbase After Its Shop Was Blocked - News
 - 23:04 21-Apr-18
Bitcoin price briefly breaks through $9,000
 Digital Journal - Technology
 - 22:55 21-Apr-18
     2 to 4 hours old 
WikiLeaks loses access to a key cryptocurrency account
 - 22:04 21-Apr-18
Known Bitcoin Investor Yi-Ting Cheng Enters Taipei Mayoral Race
 - 21:54 21-Apr-18
Saxo Investment Bank is Bullish on Crypto Over Next 3 Months - News
 - 21:04 21-Apr-18
     4 to 6 hours old 
Two arrested for duping 5000 people through fake cryptocurrency in National Capital
 DNA India - Delhi
 - 20:14 21-Apr-18
Japan Needs to Have Stricter Exchange Regulations According to Monex
 - 20:14 21-Apr-18
"The House Always Wins": These Funds Made A Killing As Bitcoin Plunged
 Zero Hedge (Weblog)
 - 19:44 21-Apr-18
2 held for duping people on pretext of bitcoin mining, trading
 The Business Standard - Markets
 - 19:33 21-Apr-18
Bitcoin-virtual currency racket busted in Delhi
 The Business Standard - Markets
 - 19:33 21-Apr-18
Antpool Begins Burning BCH Network Fees Increasing Digital Scarcity - News
 - 19:03 21-Apr-18
Delhi: Police arrest fraudsters behind multi level marketing scheme on Bitcoin investments
 Mumbai Mirror - India
 - 18:54 21-Apr-18
     6 to 8 hours old 
Bitcoin dreams bite dust: Two arrested for duping hundreds in Delhi
 Indian Express - Cities
 - 18:04 21-Apr-18
Blockchain Meets Movie Industry as White Rabbit Teams Up with Production Company K5
 - 17:13 21-Apr-18
Revealer Card Visually Encrypts a Cryptocurrency Seed Phrase - News
 - 17:01 21-Apr-18
Forget Bitcoin - Trust Currency Is The New Currency That Will Make You Wealthy
 - 16:21 21-Apr-18
Bitcoin Blockchain Is Treasure House of Personal Messages, Drawings and Much More
 - 15:52 21-Apr-18
Markets Update: Altcoins Rally During Week of Bullish Action for Crypto - News
 - 15:21 21-Apr-18
Bitcoin fraud: 2 took crores from 5k, held
 The Times of India - Delhi
 - 14:43 21-Apr-18
3 Cryptocurrencies Likely to Beat Bitcoin for the Week of April 23
 - 14:11 21-Apr-18
Surf Smart Contracts on the Waves Blockchain
 - 13:10 21-Apr-18 Petition to Get Verge on Adyen Might Not Matter All That Much
 The Merkle
 - 13:10 21-Apr-18
Play Music on – a Bitcoin Cash Infused Global Playlist - News
 - 13:10 21-Apr-18
Cyber Crime cell busts bitcoin scam, arrests 2 from Haryana
 India Today - India
 - 11:59 21-Apr-18
Seeing Red in Dyes, Bitcoin and Demographics
 Bloomberg - Bloomberg View - All
 - 11:30 21-Apr-18
Silicon Valley VCs Want the SEC to Back off on Cryptocurrency Regulation
 The Merkle
 - 11:09 21-Apr-18
Wendy McElroy: Here, There Is No State - News
 - 11:09 21-Apr-18
Texas Oil Producers Could Channel Excess Gas into Bitcoin Mining Operations
 - 10:59 21-Apr-18
Testing $10K? Bitcoin Price Hits 4-Week High As Altcoins Shine
 - 10:19 21-Apr-18
Bitcoin Magazine’s Week in Review: Acquisitions and Inquisitions
 Nasdaq - Global Markets
 - 10:16 21-Apr-18
Bitcoin Magazine’s Week in Review: Acquisitions and Inquisitions
 Bitcoin Magazine
 - 10:10 21-Apr-18
Love Turns Ugly as Woman Arrested for Bitcoin Murder-For-Hire Plot
 - 10:10 21-Apr-18
How ‘Whales’ influence the price of Bitcoin
 Brave New Coin
 - 09:20 21-Apr-18
Bitcoin, Banks And A Whole Lot Of FUD
 Forbes - Investing
 - 08:58 21-Apr-18
You might have to pay tax on that — What Uber, Airbnb and Bitcoin mean ...
 Ottawa Citizen - National
 - 08:40 21-Apr-18
Here’s how much it costs to mine a single bitcoin in your country
 MarketWatch - Markets
 - 08:39 21-Apr-18
Ether Capital Shares Commence Trading on Canadian Stock Exchange - News
 - 08:38 21-Apr-18
Bitcoin Cash Analysis: (BCH/BTC) Renewed Support Carries BCH Over $1,000, Signals Looking Good For A Continuation
 Cryptovest - News
 - 08:27 21-Apr-18
3 Ways to Play Cryptocurrencies Without Actually Buying Them
 Fox News - Markets
 - 07:58 21-Apr-18
3 Ways to Play Cryptocurrencies Without Actually Buying Them
 The Motley Fool
 - 07:18 21-Apr-18
How Various Countries Benefit & Suffer from Regulation Arbitrage Today
 - 07:09 21-Apr-18
Lightning Network can be a real improvement to Bitcoin – once it matures
 The Next Web
 - 06:25 21-Apr-18
Bought bitcoin in 2017? Here's how cryptocurrency is taxed in Canada - Business
 - 06:17 21-Apr-18
Korean Customs Service Toughens Regulations on Importing Mining Chips - News
 - 05:58 21-Apr-18
This Is Your 2013 Potential Bitcoin Profit Opportunity All Over Again
 Money Morning
 - 05:19 21-Apr-18
Bitcoin Private Price Pump Will run out of Steam Pretty Quickly
 The Merkle
 - 05:18 21-Apr-18
Inspired by Pune's Bitcoin Scam, Haryana Duo Dupe Nearly 5,000 People in Delhi; Arrested - India
 - 04:58 21-Apr-18
Bitcoin Mining Guide: How To Mine BTC Cryptocurrency
 Cryptovest - Education
 - 04:43 21-Apr-18
Robbers Use Bear Spray to Rob Bitcoin ATM at Convenience Store
 Cryptovest - News
 - 04:36 21-Apr-18
Valuing Bitcoin: Top Crypto Players Weigh in; and a Pair of Tipsy Economists Do, Too
 Cryptovest - News
 - 04:26 21-Apr-18
Entersoft – a New Weapon in the Fight Against ICO Scams?
 - 04:08 21-Apr-18
Russia’s Supreme Court Overturns Decision to Block Bitcoin Website - News
 - 04:07 21-Apr-18
Bitcoin on track of recovery, surges back to $9,000
 Daily Sabah - Business
 - 04:02 21-Apr-18
Bitcoin-virtual currency racket busted in Delhi - National
 - 03:59 21-Apr-18
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Stellar, Litecoin, Cardano, NEO, EOS: Price Analysis, April 21
 - 03:57 21-Apr-18
Bitcoin price analysis: Passes another test; bulls say, next one please
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 03:38 21-Apr-18
Bitcoin Cash Price May Rise to $1,250 if the Uptrend Remains in Place
 The Merkle
 - 03:18 21-Apr-18
Bitcoin cash price analysis: Late breakout but not the laggard
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 02:28 21-Apr-18
21-23 April Bitcoin price prediction – BTCUSD technical forecast
 - 02:07 21-Apr-18
When Two Worlds Collide – CoinDaddy and the Rise of Bit-Hop
 - 01:38 21-Apr-18
Bitcoin Price Moves Towards $9,000 With Strong Momentum, Bull Market
 - 00:26 21-Apr-18
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Taiwan Mining Chip Manufacturer Sees Record Sales Amid BTC Bounce - News
 - 23:56 20-Apr-18
The Easy Guide to Building Your Own Online Casino in Just 5 Minutes
 - 23:38 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin Rush in Venezuela: Transaction Volume Reaches $1 Million per Day Milestone
 - 22:56 20-Apr-18
How Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Tech are Changing the Art World
 - 22:37 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin Is The Religion, But Ripple Would Pack Higher Return
 Scoop - Business
 - 21:19 20-Apr-18
Coal-Powered Computers: Australia to Reopen Coal Power Plant to Mine Bitcoin
 - 20:55 20-Apr-18
Japan Police Apprehends 12 People in An “Over the Counter” Bitcoin Fraud Deal
 - 20:54 20-Apr-18
Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin Can’t Replace the Dollar, Says New York Fed Chief Nominee
 Fortune - The Ledger
 - 20:04 20-Apr-18
Russian Supreme Court Orders To Review Bitcoin Website Ban
 - 20:04 20-Apr-18
The Singularity? Pornhub Now Accepts Payment In Cryptocurrency
 Zero Hedge (Weblog)
 - 19:34 20-Apr-18
No, Visa Doesn’t Handle 24,000 TPS and Neither Does Your Pet Blockchain - News
 - 19:03 20-Apr-18
Crypto Hedge Funds on the Precipice, Future Outlook Uncertain
 - 18:43 20-Apr-18
Amazon Patent Describes Marketplace For Bitcoin User Data
 - 18:43 20-Apr-18
Cofounder’s FINRA Suspension Could Hold Consequences for Tezos
 Bitcoin Magazine
 - 18:03 20-Apr-18
Amazon Web Services launches 'blockchain templates'
 CNBC - Top News
 - 17:52 20-Apr-18
“Venture Capital Working Group” Seeks Select Cryptocurrency “Safe Harbor”
 Bitcoin Magazine
 - 17:43 20-Apr-18
Free Crypto Trading App Robinhood Launches in Colorado with Bitcoin, Ethereum
 - 17:32 20-Apr-18
Is the Tide TURNING for Bitcoin? Author of Amazon Best-Selling Blockchain Book Reveals New Intel that BTC Is Poised to “Moon” Again
 PRWeb (Press Release)
 - 17:11 20-Apr-18
Tax Attorney: Blockchain Immutability ‘Does Make The IRS Smile’ (Interview)
 - 16:42 20-Apr-18
German Cops Look Hard at Antics of ICO Savedroid After Ghost Prank - News
 - 16:32 20-Apr-18
Bear Spray Used in Irving Bitcoin Heist
 NBC DFW - Local
 - 16:31 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin (BTC) Hits April High and Climbs Above $8,500
 Money Morning
 - 16:28 20-Apr-18
Fistfuls Of Dollars And The Good (Bitcoin), Bad (Bonds), & Ugly (Semis) Markets
 Zero Hedge (Weblog)
 - 16:12 20-Apr-18
Can Ripple (XRP) And Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Sustain Their Recent Gains?
 CryptoDaily - RSS Feed
 - 16:11 20-Apr-18
Unchained Capital Explores Bitcoin HODL Trends
 - 16:02 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin Cash’s Decentralized On-chain Social Network Memo Launches
 - 16:02 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin And The Break-Even Conundrum
 - 16:01 20-Apr-18
MARKETS: Apple leads tech lower, consumer staples drops, oil falls as rig counts climb, Bitcoin jumps
 Yahoo! US - Exclusives
 - 15:13 20-Apr-18
Two South Koreans Sentenced For $20M Bitcoin Scam
 - 14:50 20-Apr-18
‘Losing Credibility’? Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Hints He’s Pro-Establishment
 - 14:42 20-Apr-18
LedgerX's Bitcoin Derivatives Trading Is Up 7X Since Launch
 - 14:13 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Hits $8,500
 The Merkle
 - 14:13 20-Apr-18
How Much Is Bitcoin Really Worth?
 Bloomberg - Video
 - 14:02 20-Apr-18
Mt Gox CEO Mark Karpeles Lands New Job — CTO for Cryptocurrency Firm - News
 - 14:01 20-Apr-18
Crypto Hedge Funds Are Becoming Immune To Market Swings
 - 14:01 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin Set For First Biweekly Gain This Year, Buying Strongest Since March 2017
 - 13:30 20-Apr-18
What’s Bitcoin Really Worth?
 The Market Oracle - Currency Market Analysis
 - 13:30 20-Apr-18
Bitmain Will ‘Burn’ 12% of Bitcoin Cash Txn Fee, Calls on Other Miners to Follow
 - 13:20 20-Apr-18
Richard Bernstein Compares Bitcoin to Candy Crush Tokens
 The Merkle
 - 13:03 20-Apr-18
Kraken CEO Condemns “Hostile” Questionnaire Issued by New York AG - News
 - 13:01 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin’s Price Needs to Remain Above $8600 for Mining to be Profitable, Says Morgan Stanley
 - 13:01 20-Apr-18
Incoming NY Fed chief: Bitcoin 'doesn’t make sense' as a currency
 Washington Examiner - Economy
 - 13:00 20-Apr-18
Likely New York Fed president says bitcoin 'doesn't pass the basic test' for a currency
 CNBC - Top News
 - 12:51 20-Apr-18
DAOstack – The ‘WordPress’ for DAOs
 - 12:42 20-Apr-18
Amazon wins patent for tracking Bitcoin transactions
 Proactive Investors (UK)
 - 12:32 20-Apr-18
Amazon wins patent for tracking Bitcoin transactions
 Proactive Investors (USA & Canada)
 - 12:32 20-Apr-18
The Real Value of Bitcoin: Not a Pretty Picture
 ETF Trends
 - 12:18 20-Apr-18
Venezuelans See Bitcoin Alternative to Devalued Bolivar, Volumes Hit Record High
 Finance Magnates
 - 12:13 20-Apr-18
Square Rises As Digital Currency Bitcoin Stages Mini-Rally
 Investors Business Daily - Technology
 - 12:05 20-Apr-18
Vulnerability in JavaScript Function May Mean Long-term Bitcoin Hodlers are at Risk
 - 12:00 20-Apr-18
The Case For Owning Bitcoin and a $1 ‘Stablecoin’
 Fortune - The Ledger
 - 11:20 20-Apr-18
Ransowmare has generated about $4.6 million in bitcoin for its distributors
 SC Magazine US
 - 11:20 20-Apr-18
What’s Bitcoin Really Worth?
 FXstreet - Latest Analysis
 - 11:01 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin in Brief Friday: Truths, T-Shirts, Things That Matter - News
 - 11:00 20-Apr-18
This "Bitcoin Misery Index" Says Now Is a Great Time to Buy
 Money Morning
 - 10:57 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin Cash is soaring as traders ready for its hard fork
 Business Insider Australia - Money Markets
 - 10:52 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin Cash is soaring as traders ready for another hard fork
 Business Insider - Finance
 - 10:45 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin Buy Demand Highest Since March 2017, Exchange Data Shows
 - 10:41 20-Apr-18
Big Money Meets Secretly with Regulators to Protect Ethereum - News
 - 10:40 20-Apr-18
Amazon Just Got a Patent to Track Bitcoin Transactions and Sell the Data
 Gizmodo UK - UK News
 - 10:34 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin's latest climb brings post-Tax Day rally to more than 8%
 CNBC - Technology
 - 10:28 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin, $8,000 And Beyond, Will It See $6,000 Ever Again?
 CryptoDaily - RSS Feed
 - 10:18 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin Is About to Have Its First Back-to-Back Weekly Gain in 2018
 Bloomberg - Technology
 - 10:16 20-Apr-18
Taiwan Eyes November Deadline for Bitcoin AML Regulation
 - 10:13 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin Bull Trap? Not So, Says Lesser-Known Price Indicator
 - 10:13 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin (BTC) Is Near The Beginning Of The End Of Its Bearish Cycle
 CryptoDaily - RSS Feed
 - 10:08 20-Apr-18
Amazon Patents a Bitcoin Analysis Service
 The Merkle
 - 10:02 20-Apr-18
Ripple, Ethereum & Bitcoin: short-term analysis, April 20
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 09:50 20-Apr-18
Russian Supreme Court rules to review appeal over bitcoin website blocking
 - 09:10 20-Apr-18
“Bitcoin Could Be Flashing a Rare Buy Signal,” Crypto Guru Says
 WebWire - Financial Markets
 - 09:08 20-Apr-18
Venezuelan Demand for Bitcoin Reaches Record Level in April
 Cryptovest - News
 - 09:07 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD makes a breakout of bullish pennant pattern; $8,500 resistance is a very key area to be tested
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 09:00 20-Apr-18
CV Market Watch™: Weekly Trading Overview ( 13-20 April)
 Cryptovest - News
 - 08:57 20-Apr-18
AppCoin VS Bitcoin break above the range
 FXstreet - Latest Analysis
 - 08:50 20-Apr-18
Russia Blocked Telegram Because Crypto Is ‘Uncontrollable,’ Says FSB Memo
 - 08:40 20-Apr-18
The Bitcoin BCH Block Explorer Explodes With Blockchain Data - News
 - 08:40 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin heist suspect: I will be back
 BBC - Europe
 - 08:39 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD breaches $8,500: Another bullish flag pattern could test $8,600
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 08:30 20-Apr-18
Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Breaks $8,500 in New April High
 - 08:19 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin Daily Chart Alert - Bullish Upside Breakout Friday- April 20
 Kitco - News Bites
 - 08:18 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin Resistance Rises to $8,460 After Unconvincing Breakout
 - 08:13 20-Apr-18
Amazon was just granted a patent for tracking Bitcoin transactions and selling the data to the government
 TechSpot - News
 - 08:10 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin Trading Platform LocalBitcoins is Now Complying with AML/KYC
 - 07:59 20-Apr-18
Explore the Hidden Art on the Bitcoin Blockchain in ‘Message From the Mines’
 - 07:59 20-Apr-18
Alexa disses Bitcoin Cash: ‘Everyone knows Bitcoin is the real Bitcoin’
 The Next Web
 - 07:29 20-Apr-18
Cryptocurrencies add to climb as appetite for altcoins grows
 - 07:29 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin Cash Smashes Through $1,000 USD - News
 - 07:19 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin Daily: ICOs Raise $6.3B In Q1, Police Halt $13M Crypto Pyramid Scheme
 - 07:18 20-Apr-18
Litecoin Mining Guide: How To Mine LTC Cryptocurrency
 Cryptovest - Education
 - 07:07 20-Apr-18
Iran cracks down on exchangers, bans Bitcoin
 Trend News Agency - Business
 - 06:48 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin Boosting Square Earnings
 - 06:40 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin Is The Religion, But Ripple Would Pack Higher Return
 Forbes - Home US
 - 06:38 20-Apr-18
South Korea Dismantles $24 Million Bitcoin Pyramid Scheme
 - 06:28 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD moves above $8,300 amid growing buying pressure
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 06:09 20-Apr-18
Europe Introduces Customer Verification on Cryptocurrency Exchanges - News
 - 05:59 20-Apr-18
News Of Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Continues To Drive Prices, BCH To Reach $1,000
 CryptoDaily - RSS Feed
 - 05:37 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin Mining May Be Even Less Economically Viable Than We Thought
 Fortune - Technology
 - 05:27 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin Cash Price Eyes $1,000 Target as Bulls Remain in Control
 The Merkle
 - 05:22 20-Apr-18
Cboe Settles Bitcoin Futures Contract with April Expiration
 Cryptovest - News
 - 04:57 20-Apr-18
Mobile Crypto Mining Democratizes Cryptocurrency for Everyone
 - 04:40 20-Apr-18
Coingeek Funds BCH Blockchain Development Training in the Philippines - News
 - 04:39 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin Whale Sightings Are Leaving Cryptocurrency Traders Jumpy
 Bloomberg - Crypto
 - 04:34 20-Apr-18
Lead Suspect in Iceland’s Biggest Bitcoin Heist Escapes Prison, Flies to Sweden
 Cryptovest - News
 - 04:27 20-Apr-18
Ripple (XRP): 5 Reasons a New Rally is Highly Possible
 Cryptovest - News
 - 04:17 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin Pyramid Scheme Amassed $20 Million in South Korea
 - 04:13 20-Apr-18
Chief Scientist of Quebec: Bitcoin is Not a Tool for Illegal Activities
 - 04:09 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin (In USD) – Strengthening
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 03:58 20-Apr-18
Binance Takes Up Task to Offer Fiat to Crypto Pairs
 Cryptovest - News
 - 03:16 20-Apr-18
Is It Just Too Late To Back Bitcoin?
 CryptoDaily - RSS Feed
 - 03:06 20-Apr-18
Price Break: Miners Deal with Risks of Unprofitability; Chip Maker Sounds the Alarm Over the Space
 Cryptovest - News
 - 02:56 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin (BTC): Price Dominance Falls as Trading Interest Turns to Altcoins
 Cryptovest - News
 - 02:46 20-Apr-18
Venture Captalists Pour $133 Million into Stablecoin Startup
 - 02:39 20-Apr-18
Crypto Funds Drop 29.2% in March Reveals Hedge Fund Data Specialist - News
 - 02:38 20-Apr-18
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague: the main blockchain event of the Czech Republic
 Casino News Today
 - 02:28 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin Pyramid Scheme Allegedly Hoaxed $20 Million In South Korea
 - 02:13 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD capped by $8,250 despite altcoins buying spree
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 02:08 20-Apr-18
BTC City accepts first bitcoin payment
 Independent Balkan News Agency - Business
 - 02:06 20-Apr-18
Is the Tide TURNING for Bitcoin? Author of Amazon Best-Selling Blockchain Book Reveals New Intel that BTC Is Poised to “Moon” Again
 CoinSpectator (Weblog)
 - 01:32 20-Apr-18
The Peer-to-Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange Hodl Hodl Doesn’t Require KYC - News
 - 01:18 20-Apr-18
Bitcoin Helps Square’s Stock Bounce
 - 01:06 20-Apr-18
Cryptocurrency Startup BitDegree Pays Students To Learn
 - 00:39 20-Apr-18
Bad Checks: Twitter's Identity Crisis Is Costing Users More Than Bitcoin
 - 00:12 20-Apr-18
Monacoin: Japan's First Native Cryptocurrency -- Next Big Thing Or Next Beta-Max?
 Forbes - Home US
 - 23:56 19-Apr-18
Mingo ICO Launched at Dublin Tech Summit
 - 23:39 19-Apr-18
Bitcoin's Energy Consumption Can Power An Entire Country -- But EOS Is Trying To Fix That
 Forbes - Home US
 - 23:16 19-Apr-18
Blockchain Expo Global – Crypto La La land
 - 22:39 19-Apr-18
Police Foil Murder-For-Hire Plot After Woman Paid $10K In Bitcoin Over The Dark Web
 Zero Hedge (Weblog)
 - 22:36 19-Apr-18
Jana Report Shows Ethereum Tops Bitcoin as India's Most Popular Cryptocurrency, Unocoin Accounts for More than Half of Country's Exchange Site Visits
 WebWire - Financial Markets
 - 21:15 19-Apr-18
Cops arrest PI in connection to Surat bitcoin case
 DNA India - India
 - 20:45 19-Apr-18
Got $45 Million in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ripple? Buy a House Near Fifth Avenue
 - 20:39 19-Apr-18
Bitcoin Watch – Sweden could launch the world’s first central bank operated crytocurrency
 Blue Swan Daily
 - 20:15 19-Apr-18
Should we think of Bitcoin as a store of energy?
 Brave New Coin
 - 19:45 19-Apr-18
Bitcoin Price Analysis: Can Bulls Take BTC/USD Past This Near-Term Roadblock?
 Ethereum World News
 - 19:44 19-Apr-18
Koreans Squandered Millions in Bitcoin Gamble
 The Chosun Ilbo - Business
 - 19:44 19-Apr-18
Bitcoin extortion case: accused police officer arrested
 The Business Standard - Markets
 - 19:43 19-Apr-18
Hackers Keep Robbing Cryptocurrency YouTubers
 - 19:41 19-Apr-18
We Need To Shut Bitcoin And All Other Cryptocurrencies Down. Here's Why.
 Forbes - Technology - CIO Network
 - 19:33 19-Apr-18
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