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First Bitcoin Mining Conference Hashes Over the High Cost of Energy | Bitcoin Magazine - 16:33
Why the Travel Industry Needs Crypto-Driven Solutions | - 16:28
South Africa’s Reserve Bank Can’t See How Bitcoin Is A Currency | CryptoDaily - RSS Feed - 16:02
MIT Researchers Demo a Smart Contract-powered Lightning Network for Bitcoin | BTCManager - 16:02
Op Ed: The Benefits of Incentivizing Node Operators in Public Blockchains | Bitcoin Magazine - 15:53
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First Bitcoin Mining Conference Hashes Over the High Cost of Energy
 Bitcoin Magazine
 - 16:33
     5 to 10 minutes old 
Why the Travel Industry Needs Crypto-Driven Solutions
 - 16:28
     30 minutes to 1 hour old 
South Africa’s Reserve Bank Can’t See How Bitcoin Is A Currency
 CryptoDaily - RSS Feed
 - 16:02
MIT Researchers Demo a Smart Contract-powered Lightning Network for Bitcoin
 - 16:02
Op Ed: The Benefits of Incentivizing Node Operators in Public Blockchains
 Bitcoin Magazine
 - 15:53
Bitcoin Price Drop From $20,000 Likely Due to Market Manipulation: Traders
 - 15:42
     1 to 2 hours old 
Bitcoin (BTC): EUR/USD Correlation And The Beginning Of A New Cycle
 CryptoDaily - RSS Feed
 - 15:32
John McAfee Says Bitcoin Will Surpass $15,000 in June
 - 15:08
DOJ launches criminal probe into cryptocurrency manipulation
 The Real Deal
 - 15:02
Proof of Work Coins on High Alert Following Spate of 51% Attacks - News
 - 14:39
Why Bitcoin Prices Will Get a Boost After Today's Slide
 Money Morning
 - 14:36
     2 to 4 hours old 
When Hyperinflation Meets Free Electricity, Venezuela's Crypto-Mining Mania Goes Mainstream
 Zero Hedge (Weblog)
 - 14:33
“One Man Cyber Crime Wave” – $667,000 Worth of Bitcoin Seized From Prolific Hacker
 Ethereum World News
 - 14:32
Here's a Video of Billionaire Tim Draper Singing About Bitcoin
 - 14:31
How to design a bitcoin UX
 Creative Bloq
 - 14:29
Bitcoin’s Falling Price Nothing More Than Perception, Or Is There Manipulation?
 - 14:21
Revolut Lets Users Invest in XRP and Bitcoin Cash
 The Merkle
 - 14:10
Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Sits at $7,400
 The Merkle
 - 14:10
Bitcoin Private Founder Rhett Creighton Alleges BTCP Treasury Mismanagement and Fraud
 - 14:00
Crypto stunt on Mount Everest turns deadly
 New York Post - Tech
 - 14:00
Bitcoin Storage Firm Xapo to Boost Gibraltar Operations
 Bloomberg - Europe
 - 13:48
London police seize over $667,000 in bitcoin from convicted hacker
 - 13:40
Billionaire VC Raps About Crypto at Amsterdam Conference
 Bloomberg - Markets
 - 13:23
Native Video Box Collects USD 9.8 Million from Its ICO and Ranks Highly with Leading Experts on the Crypto Market
 - 13:18
The Eureka Moment That Made Bitcoin Possible
 The Wall Street Journal - Arts
 - 13:13
Just One Crypto Bucked the Market Downtrend This Week
 - 13:11
Bitcoin’s Price Will Probably Go to Zero, Major Investment Firm Head Says
 The Merkle
 - 13:10
Illegal Market Moves Leaves Bitcoin Burned
 Nasdaq - Global Markets
 - 12:59
Blockchain is Coming for Agriculture, and You Might Not Even Notice
 Successful Farming
 - 12:42
Bitcoin’s Fate? This Cryptoasset Manager Sees Two Possible Outcomes
 Fortune - The Ledger
 - 12:40
Bitcoin price and a prize-laden puzzle
 Slashgear - Home
 - 12:40
Singapore Warns Eight Unauthorized Token Exchanges - News
 - 12:39
Bitcoin Predictions: June 2018
 Seeking Alpha - Macro View
 - 12:37
     4 to 6 hours old 
Distributed Dialogues With Tatiana Moroz
 Bitcoin Magazine
 - 12:32
AirPod Synchronizing Pre-Sale Date with CryptoKonf 2018
 - 12:18
Czech Utility Company To Start Accepting Bitcoin (BTC) Payments
 Ethereum World News
 - 12:11
#News24 ICYMI: Will Ramaphosa cut his Cabinet? SuperSport pulls Botha, Willemse and Mallett off air; and Don't miss Miss SA 2018
 - 11:59
Revolut Adds Bitcoin Cash, Ripple to its Payments App
 - 11:59
Jimmy Wells, Special App, and Startup Oscars: This Year BlockShow Is Gearing Up
 - 11:31
Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD bears remain locked in on a possible return to $6,500
 - 11:22
London police seize bitcoin worth $667,000 from hacker
 - 11:18
CheapAir Ditches BitPay For Open-Source Bitcoin Payments
 - 11:18
Bitcoin Gold Responds to Recent Double Spend Attack
 - 11:10
Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Ripple bottoming out? Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan may have been waiting for such prices to jump in
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 11:02
London police seize bitcoin worth $667,000 from hacker
 ArabNews - Economy
 - 11:01
Bitcoin Scammers Are Demanding Ransom for Lost Dogs
 - 11:01
Top 5 on Fin24: SA's Bitcoin scam, Ramaphosa fiercely defends SARB's independence, Hawks investigating R1bn investment scam
 Fin24 - Economy
 - 10:58
German Stock Exchange Eyes Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
 Nasdaq - Global Markets
 - 10:55
South Africans lose $80m to bitcoin scam
 The Punch
 - 10:53
Caspian Partners With Bitmex to Offer All-In-One Portfolio Services - News
 - 10:48
Distributed Dialogues About the Blockchain Industry with Tatiana Moroz
 Bitcoin Magazine
 - 10:41
     6 to 8 hours old 
UK Hacker Jailed With Over $600 Million Worth of Bitcoin Seized by Police
 - 10:30
“Severely uninformed” – Vitalik Responds to Trending Article Slamming Ethereum Scaling
 Ethereum World News
 - 10:20
UK bitcoin traders focus of US probe into manipulation of cryptocurrency prices
 RT - UK
 - 10:20
Is Bitcoin Being Manipulated by Traders? The U.S. Government Has Opened a Criminal Probe
 - 10:18
DOJ to investigate Bitcoin price manipulation
 - 10:11
German Stock Exchange Eyes Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
 Bitcoin Magazine
 - 10:11
TV just can’t seem to get bitcoin right
 Quartz - Ideas
 - 10:10
London police seize bitcoin worth $667,000 from hacker
 Business Insider UK - Technology
 - 09:59
Monument to Bitcoin Erected in Center of Slovenian Roundabout
 Gizmodo US (Weblog) - Cryptocurrency
 - 09:50
Google Bans Cryptocurrency Advertising, and Bitcoin Continues to Drop
 Gizmodo US (Weblog) - Cryptocurrency
 - 09:50
Mike Novogratz: DOJ’s Bitcoin Investigation is a ‘Good Thing’
 Ethereum World News
 - 09:50
About to Buy Bitcoin? Look at These 3 Companies First
 The Motley Fool
 - 09:50
Trump Announcement Pushes Gold Above $1300 Psychological Barrier - Market Overview
 - 09:50
Don’t believe in Bitcoin? Here are 5 ways to short it
 Brave New Coin
 - 09:42
A Blockchain Building in Bushwick
 The New York Times - Real Estate
 - 09:42
London police seize bitcoin worth $667,000 from hacker, Utah - Business
 - 09:41
The Bitcoin Is Dying. Whatever.
 Gizmodo US (Weblog) - Cryptocurrency
 - 09:40
Coinbase Freezes Bitcoin Cash Trades, Launches Insider Trading Probe
 Gizmodo US (Weblog) - Cryptocurrency
 - 09:40
North Korea Is Main Suspect in Ruinous Hack of South Korean Bitcoin Exchange
 Gizmodo US (Weblog) - Cryptocurrency
 - 09:40
Bitcoin Crashed and Took the Whole Market Down With It
 Gizmodo US (Weblog) - Cryptocurrency
 - 09:40
Bitcoin's Very Bad Week Continues With South Korea Considering Shut Down of Exchanges
 Gizmodo US (Weblog) - Cryptocurrency
 - 09:40
Kidnapped Crypto Exchange Executive Reportedly Paid $1 Million Ransom in Bitcoin
 Gizmodo US (Weblog) - Cryptocurrency
 - 09:40
Report: Some Crypto Enthusiasts Are Increasingly Worried About Getting Robbed in Person
 Gizmodo US (Weblog) - Cryptocurrency
 - 09:40
Glitch on Bitcoin Exchange Drops Prices to Zero Dollars, User Tries to Make Off With Trillions
 Gizmodo US (Weblog) - Cryptocurrency
 - 09:40
Bitcoin Cash Crawling Back To $1,500
 CryptoDaily - RSS Feed
 - 09:40
Crackdown on virtual currency tampering
 IOL - Business - International
 - 09:39
London police seize bitcoin worth $667,000 from hacker
 The Seattle Times - Business
 - 09:37
Cryptocurrency? I’m Not Buying It
 Little Black Book
 - 09:33
BlockNet vs Bitcoin on its way to rise
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 09:32
Revolut Adds Bitcoin Cash and Ripple to Cryptocurrency Options
 Cryptovest - News
 - 09:30
Crypto Market See Some Green After Week of Lows, Bitcoin Price Hovering Around $7,500
 - 09:30
Why bitcoin bulls are running for cover
 Interactive Investor - General Finance
 - 09:29
Police seize bitcoins from criminal hacker in first case of its kind
 City AM
 - 09:23
SA Bitcoin platform claims 'super shy' founder has stolen all its money
 Fin24 - Companies
 - 09:14
CV Market Watch™: Weekly Trading Overview (18-25 May)
 Cryptovest - News
 - 09:10
PermaBull Tom Lee Holds Strong on $25K Bitcoin Price Prediction
 - 09:07
Xapo to Expand its Operations in Gibraltar
 Finance Magnates
 - 09:01
Half a million pounds worth of Bitcoin seized from prolific hacker
 Metropolitan Police - News
 - 08:50
Bitcoin extends slump, on track for third consecutive weekly loss
 - 08:50
Market Climb Now In Full Effect, Bitcoin, Ethereum & Ripple All Shifting
 CryptoDaily - RSS Feed
 - 08:40
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Bitcoin Daily Chart Alert - Price Downtrend In Place - May 25
 Kitco - News Bites
 - 08:19
Bitcoin Could Stop Being Profitable Because It Uses Up So Much Energy
 Tech Times - Personal Tech
 - 08:09
On TV‚ kidnapping looks like nothing but in reality it isn’t nice‚ says bitcoin kid
 Times LIVE
 - 08:09
On TV‚ kidnapping looks like nothing but in reality it isn’t nice‚ says ...
 Sowetan LIVE - South Africa
 - 08:09
The Bear Market Never Left, Bitcoin Down 25% in Less Than a Month
 Cryptovest - News
 - 07:50
Bitcoin in Brief Friday: Luxury Jets, Cheap Air Tickets Now Offered for Bitcoin Cash - News
 - 07:47
Cryptocurrency Market Posts Minor Recovery But Bitcoin Downward Trend is Still Strong
 - 07:29
Bitcoin Daily: Criminals Steal $1.2B In Crypto Since 2017, Revolut Now Supports Bitcoin Cash And Ripple
 - 07:19
Another One Bites the Dust: ShipChain Served with Cease and Desist Order
 - 07:17
Bitcoin Faces First Close Below This Key Long-Term Support in 2.5 Years
 - 07:10
OpenNode Brings Lightning Network to Everyday Bitcoin Transactions
 - 06:58
South African authorities investigates $80m bitcoin scam
 IOL - Business
 - 06:57
South Africa investigates $80 million bitcoin scam
 Reuters Africa - Investing
 - 06:48
Bitcoin Gold Victim To Long Term Double Spend Attacks
 CryptoDaily - RSS Feed
 - 06:39
Bitcoin is not a currency, says Reserve Bank
 Financial Mail - Markets
 - 06:39
Bitcoin, FX Majors, Minors, EM Pairs, Commodities Rundown UK - Market Overview
 - 06:31
Top 3 price predictions for Bitcoin, Ethereum & Ripple: dangerous game being played with key technical levels
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 06:20
South Africa investigates $80 million bitcoin scam
 Reuters - Technology
 - 06:19
South Africa investigates $80 million bitcoin scam - Internet
 - 06:18
Ripple XRP And Bitcoin Cash Now Live On Revolut
 CryptoDaily - RSS Feed
 - 06:09
How to Use a Bitcoin Prepaid Card?
 TFOT - News
 - 06:07
Bitcoin kidnapping: Katlego Marite given a jubilant welcome home
 Times LIVE
 - 05:28
Bitcoin: Hash Rate Telling A Bullish Story
 Retail Crowd - Commodities
 - 05:26
Bitcoin warning signs
 Retail Crowd - Commodities
 - 05:26
Bitcoin (in USD): Bouncing
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 05:20
New access option for CIP raises concern
 The Daily Observer - The Big Stories
 - 05:18
ASKfm Reaches New Peak, Scales Everest
 - 05:17
How Central Banks and the IMF Will Try to Kill Bitcoin… and Replace It with Something Terrifying
 Money Morning
 - 05:15
A leading monetary historian says he’s bombarded with “phony” crypto pitches
 Quartz - Latest Stories
 - 05:09
Award-winning novelist penned the world’s first Bitcoin and cryptocurrency crime fiction
 News Anyway - Technology
 - 04:49
Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD resumes downslide to test $7,400; German bank, Deutsche Boerse considers cryptocurrency trading services
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 04:39
Bitcoin Private Spikes As John McAfee Weighs In
 CryptoDaily - RSS Feed
 - 04:39
Czech Utility Company Introduces Crypto Payments - News
 - 04:37
Bitcoin Gold suffers double spend attacks, $17.5 million lost
 ZDNet - Security
 - 04:29
Revolut partners Bitstamp to add Bitcoin and Ripple support
 The Paypers
 - 04:18
otaku: Tokyo startup to launch cryptocurrency to serve anime geeks">Bitcoin for otaku: Tokyo startup to launch cryptocurrency to serve anime geeks
 The Japan Times
 - 04:08
There’s 1 Bitcoin Hidden in This Puzzle, and Whoever Solves it Wins
 - 03:58
The FinTech Crypto Briefing: Lord Sugar slams Bitcoin scam - Opinion
 - 03:58
Blockchain update: MaidSafe touts new consensus mechanism to rival Bitcoin's Proof-of-Work - Communications
 - 03:49
Study Claims Cryptocurrency Values Based on Investor Sentiment
 - 03:36
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Bullish Divergence Spotted
 Ethereum World News
 - 03:18
Crypto money is a token, not a currency - Reserve Bank
 IOL - Business
 - 03:07
Crypto frenzy to give way to market sophistication
 The Korea Herald - Business
 - 02:59
German Stock Exchange Could Offer Bitcoin (BTC) Futures
 Ethereum World News
 - 02:48
Date Set: Japan’s Internet Giant GMO Will Launch 7nm Bitcoin Miner on June 6 - News
 - 02:36
Singapore Proposes Regulatory Changes Which Could Green-Light Blockchain Related Exchanges
 - 01:56
Russian Oligarch Eyes Bitcoin Farms In Breakaway Transnistria
 Eurasia Review - Business
 - 01:48
Bitcoin Private (BTCP) “Adopted” John McAfee
 Cryptovest - News
 - 01:28
BR Exclusive. Mining Bitcoin in Romania? Watch the electricity bill. You might be “bleeding” money
 Business Review - Finance
 - 01:06
Cryptos are tokens, not currency, says SARB
 - 01:06
Police Officers in Ukraine Caught Secretly Mining Crypto at Work for Four Months - News
 - 00:36
Could Cryptocurrency Be a Red Flag for U.S. Workers Seeking Security Clearances?
 - 23:56 24-May-18
Bitcoin price manipulation under investigation by the Justice Department
 - 23:36 24-May-18
Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD climbs above $7,600 amid cautious crypto recovery
 FXstreet - Cryptocurrencies
 - 22:57 24-May-18
Tezos Community Petitions to End the Class Action Lawsuits - News
 - 22:56 24-May-18
U.S. Justice Department Investigating Bitcoin Price Manipulation
 Wccftech - Industry
 - 22:27 24-May-18
U.S. Justice Department Takes On Bitcoin Price Manipulation In A New Probe — Report
 Kitco - News Bites
 - 22:26 24-May-18
US launches probe into bitcoin price manipulation: report
 EJ Insight
 - 21:46 24-May-18
American Express Could Use Blockchain to Protect Clients’ Identities and Combat Fraud
 - 21:45 24-May-18
Bitcoin case: Amreli cops still on hunt for Shailesh Bhatt
 DNA India - India
 - 21:35 24-May-18
Coinjar Launches Cryptocurrency Exchange Supporting AUD Pairings - News
 - 21:35 24-May-18
DOJ’s Bitcoin Price Manipulation Probe a ‘Good Thing’: Mike Novogratz
 - 21:05 24-May-18
DoJ Probe to Examine Bitcoin Exchanges For Alleged Price Manipulation
 - 20:55 24-May-18
Bitcoin to 25k This Year? Tom Lee Sticks to His Prediction
 Ethereum World News
 - 20:45 24-May-18
Bitcoin, human stupidity and the US$82 mln pizza order
 EJ Insight
 - 20:45 24-May-18
This Canadian Mining Group Mined 800 Bitcoins in 3 Months
 Ethereum World News
 - 20:15 24-May-18
Bitcoin price-rigging under US lens
 The Times of India
 - 20:06 24-May-18
BCH Payment Processor Bitek Allows Colombian Merchants to Convert to Pesos - News
 - 20:04 24-May-18
Bitcoin Watch – Bitcoin decline due to a price manipulation scandal
 Blue Swan Daily
 - 19:36 24-May-18
Scammer tries to ransom dog for Bitcoin
 Ethereum World News
 - 19:35 24-May-18
Bitcoin traders face criminal investigation over price ploys
 New Zealand Herald - Technology
 - 19:16 24-May-18
Argentine Bank Lets Customers Send Bitcoin Across The Border
 - 19:14 24-May-18
The Sweet Smell of Success: Unilever-Owned Schmidt’s Naturals Adds Bitcoin as Payment Option
 - 19:14 24-May-18
Crypto insider believes regulation is bullish for bitcoin
 CNBC - Latest Video
 - 18:53 24-May-18
Zimbabwe High Court Reverses Central Bank’s Cryptocurrency Ban - News
 - 18:33 24-May-18
Kepler Pre-Sale White Listing Now Underway
 - 18:13 24-May-18
Crypto update: Bitcoin and Ethereum lower, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and EOS push higher
 The Motley Fool (Australia)
 - 17:54 24-May-18
‘I’ve Got More Money Than Your Country,’ Craig Wright Tells Rwanda
 - 17:53 24-May-18
DOJ opens bitcoin manipulation probe
 CNBC - Latest Video
 - 17:13 24-May-18
Bitcoin price manipulation probe underway at Justice Department
 Slashgear - Home
 - 17:03 24-May-18
Argentinian Bitcoin Updates: Banking, Democracy, and a Wine-Backed Cryptocurrency
 - 17:03 24-May-18
2018 U.S. China Blockchain and Digital Currency Conference Announced
 - 17:03 24-May-18
Bitcoin Gold Hacked for $18 Million - News
 - 17:02 24-May-18
Bitcoin tracking for slight weekly losses despite news of regulatory crackdowns
 CNBC - Finance
 - 16:53 24-May-18
The DoJ is reportedly probing the murky world of bitcoin trading
 Ars Technica
 - 16:43 24-May-18
Bitcoin: Here Comes the Crypto Crackdown
 Barron's Online - US
 - 16:34 24-May-18
Feds probing whether traders manipulating crypto prices
 Crain's Chicago Business - Finance
 - 16:13 24-May-18
Circle Unveils New Product for Retail Cryptocurrency Investors
 - 16:02 24-May-18
US Authorities Keen on Hunting Bitcoin Price Manipulation
 Cryptovest - News
 - 15:46 24-May-18
Stellar (XLM) Continues To Rise Against Bitcoin (BTC)
 CryptoDaily - RSS Feed
 - 15:34 24-May-18
Ireland Clarifies Taxation of Crypto Transactions - News
 - 15:31 24-May-18
CRYPTO INSIDER: Feds reportedly open criminal probe into crypto prices
 Business Insider UK - Finance
 - 15:29 24-May-18
Bitfinex Reportedly Has Banking Accounts in Puerto Rico
 Finance Magnates
 - 15:23 24-May-18
CRYPTO INSIDER: Feds reportedly open criminal probe into crypto prices
 Business Insider - Finance
 - 15:23 24-May-18
Upcoming Sidechain Project Tari to Build a Decentralized Assets Protocol on Monero
 - 15:01 24-May-18
Justice Department Reportedly Launches Bitcoin Probe
 Cheddar - The Crypto Craze
 - 14:51 24-May-18
U.S. Justice Department opens criminal probe into bitcoin manipulation
 Toronto Star
 - 14:43 24-May-18
Crypto Money Is a Token, Not a Currency, South Africa’s Central Bank Says
 Bloomberg - Currency
 - 14:06 24-May-18
Small Banks in America Making Money with Bitcoin
 - 14:01 24-May-18
U.S. Justice Department Probes Price Manipulation on Bitcoin Markets
 Nasdaq - Global Markets
 - 13:59 24-May-18
Distributed Business Accelerator Launches to Cultivate Blockchain Startups
 Bitcoin Magazine
 - 13:52 24-May-18
Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Stumbles to $7,500
 The Merkle
 - 13:50 24-May-18
Trader sees an even bigger bitcoin collapse on the way
 CNBC - Latest Video
 - 13:50 24-May-18
US Justice Department Investigates Price Manipulation in Bitcoin Market - News
 - 13:40 24-May-18
Bitcoin traders are being investigated for market manipulation, and bitcoin is up 3%
 Quartz - Technology
 - 13:37 24-May-18
Most Cryptocurrencies Are Rallying Today -- So Why Are Bitcoin and Ethereum Down?
 The Motley Fool
 - 13:32 24-May-18
Report: DOJ, CFTC target bitcoin price manipulation
 Axios - Technology
 - 13:30 24-May-18
What is Bitcoin? Let AI explain
 Slashgear - Home
 - 13:30 24-May-18
Fed Probe Rattles Bitcoin Market; Is ‘Adult Supervision’ Coming to Crypto?
 Barron's Online - US
 - 13:22 24-May-18
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